Power is valuable.

Use it Intelligently.

Over 45% of the world’s electricity is consumed by electric motors. Today, half of that is wasted. Our ultra-high efficiency and intelligent motor system – the Software Motor System – is changing that.

The Software Motor System

Optimal Efficiency Motors

We make the world’s most reliable, efficient, and intelligent motor. Unlike most clean tech products, it is less expensive to own and operate than a conventional analog motor system. Our revolutionary motor combined with our IoT building automation technology is purposefully designed to be highly intelligent and efficient, helping our customers be sustainable while saving money and time on maintenance.

HVAC is a huge energy drain

Meet the LED of motors.

HVAC consumes two times the electricity of lighting. Improvements in efficiency have been incremental in the last 40 years. Until now. The Software Motor System’s optimal efficiency motors are revolutionizing the industry, doing for HVAC systems what LEDs did for lighting.

Smart investment

& easy to install

The Software Motor System uses energy only when it’s useful for optimal efficiency and it’s less expensive upfront — an investment that pays back in two years even before utility rebates. Flexible pricing is available including zero upfront cost models.

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Software Motor

Company’s Mission

We believe in a future where any system that consumes power is optimized to its potential. We are disrupting a $100 billion-plus industry and changing the way the world consumes energy. We’ve brought together a team of smart, intense, and empathetic people to make it happen. Together, we are building a culture that enables people to focus on problems that have never been cracked, practice curiosity in solving them, and work together to make a real impact on the world.

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