Culture At

Software Motor

We are building a culture of smart, empowered people who are focused on solving hard problems to create a better world. We believe our path to success is paved with candor, accountability, caring, and trust. We strive to live by five simple agreements with each other, our customers, and our partners.

Five Agreements


Talk to People, not about People (handle upsets directly ASAP)

Long term relationships:

  • We’re in it for the long term with our customers
  • The long term happens one value-added step at a time
  • Gossip damages relationships; directness creates trust


Create Psychological Safety for Others

Growth mindset:

  • Solving HARD problems is HARD
  • Getting it right is better than being right
  • Creating space to grow and learn is critical


Start with Why

First principles:

  • We seek the truth in everything, we don’t avoid reality
  • Start with “why?” to help others see the deeper context
  • State the trade off


Practice Radical Candor

  • Seek the truth in everything, don’t avoid reality
  • Challenge directly + care personally
  • Failing to give feedback is a disservice to others


Play Above the Line

Extreme Ownership:

  • Response-ability – own it and set the tone for the group
  • Failure starts when we blame others
  • Feeling like a victim is the first step towards powerlessness

Values we Strive For


  • Clearly articulate tradeoffs in any decision
  • Make wise decisions despite ambiguity
  • Think strategically with clarity & focus


  • Optimize for learning
  • Contribute within & beyond your specialty
  • Openly seek alternative perspectives


  • Inspire others with your thirst for excellence
  • Care fearlessly about customer & SMC success
  • Be quietly confident and openly humble


  • Accomplish 10x meaningful impact
  • Focus on results over process
  • Consistently demonstrate your value to your team


  • Collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds & culture
  • Focus on talent and our values above & beyond a person’s similarity to yourself
  • Think outside the box


  • Lead with intention & purpose
  • Value vulnerability, candor & authenticity
  • Zero tolerance for politics

The People


We work with people who raise the bar and inspire us. Teams are nimble and high performing, taking advantage of technology tools to the maximum to be effective.


When it comes to solving the seemingly unsolvable, we’re relentless. We’ll keep challenging the status quo, while finding new ways to break through the roadblocks.


Everything we do is a team effort, both internally and with our customers. Trust and communication is fundamental and is cultivated through attempting to understand others.