The cold chain challenge: keep food fresh and use less energy to do it. SMC motors, when applied to air-cooled condensers, significantly reduce energy use and provide improved dependability and lower maintenance costs. Our next-generation EC Motor also contains no permanent magnets, and it can be remotely monitored to assure your refrigeration systems remain efficient and effective.

  • Strengthens profit margins through energy savings and waste reduction
  • Drop-in, high-efficiency alternative to standard motors
  • Reduce energy use by 30-50% in air-cooled condensers
  • Excellent controllability for accurate head pressure control
  • Seamless integration with existing control and monitoring systems
  • Can act as a self-standing condenser control package utilizing SMC Cascade programming

By the Numbers


more energy efficient than induction motors with variable head drives (Link to NREL testing results)


more energy efficient than fixed speed induction motors (Link to NREL testing results)


typical ROI


standard warranty

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